Save The Tiranga
Produced by Concpet Counter

India celebrates it's independence on the 15th of August. Every independence day millions gather together in public squares, theaters, parks, etc to celebrate and to show solidarity with one another. The tri-colored Indian flag can be seen everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of these flags are made of paper or plastic that are soon discarded once the celebrations are over leading to an excess of garbage, wastage and littering of public spaces. A lot of these flags are sold by underage kids who are made to work illegally in sweatshops and are asked to go to traffic signals and sell them. The conditions of such places are extremely harsh and are rife with abuse.

Micromax took the initiative to introduce a digital version of the flag that people could simply download on their smartphones and participate in the celebrations without contributing to the negative aspects attached with it.

Alchemy & Lore was hired as the animators on the projects by Concept Counter.

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