A set of illustrations created for TO-MORROW.

Tomorrow is a cultural collaboration initiated by Religious Brands to curate an original and insightful reading of contemporary India. As the name suggests, this space is inspired by a deep interest in emergent culture; it is more about the tomorrow, than the today. It is more about asking the important questions, rather than finding the perfect answers. We seek to open out, more than we seek to sum up.
Cover illustration for the May 2019 Issue of To-morrow.
Title : Masculinity
A set of illustration for an article titled 'The Way You Make Me Feel' for the June 2019 issue. The article explores the meaning of love in popular music and its evolution over the past 8 years by studying the love songs on Billboard Hot 100.

The illustrations showcase the central theme that emerged in the love songs every year.

2010 : Confessions
2011 : Resurrection
2012 : Reckoning
2013 : Fortressed Heart
2014 : Necessary Pain
2015 : Shared Alienation
2016 : Limbo
2017 : Fear Of Burning Out

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