Break Away is a travel show based in India and takes the viewer through some of the some of the most beautiful places in the country, with the current edition being based in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The project required the creation of a logo unit, along with the animation and some basic assets such as lower thirds and a few map animations.
Logo Iterations
Logo Unit 01
Logo Unit 02
Logo Unit 03
Logo Unit 04 (Final)
Animated Gif of the logo unit.
The show featured a couple of maps that had to be animated. Here are some of the iterations for it.
Map Iteration 01
Map Iteration 02
Map Iteration 03 (Final)
Animated Gif of the final map as it appeared in the show.
Final Version of the Location Plates that came on screen when a new location was introduced.
Final Version of the Lower Thirds for names of the people who were interviewed on the show.

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